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Best practices guide and vendor solutions directory for the adoption of the future of digital identity: Passkeys.

Exploring the Future of Digital Identity

As FIDO explains passkeys are a replacement for passwords that provide faster, easier, and more secure sign-ins to websites and apps across a user’s devices. Unlike passwords, passkeys are always strong and phishing-resistant.​

Multifactor Authentication

A passkey can meet multifactor authentication requirements in a single step, replacing both a password and OTP.

Streamlined User Experience

A passkey contains the user's username and display name, so the browser or OS can display a selector for the user to pick an account to sign-in with, then unlock the screen to verify.

Identity-Enabled Applications

Developers can integrate their applications and web sites with Passkeys to deliver a better user experience while also improving security.

Passkeys will entirely transform e-commerce and the online digital experience for customers, enabling engagement steps that are minimalist, fast and pleasurable for customers.

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Understand Passkeys in Four Minutes

Are you still using passwords? Passkeys are a new authentication technology that enables creating online accounts and signing in to them simply and securely–using just a fingerprint, face scan, or device PIN.

Best Practices

Our expert article series shares the latest news and insights on all aspects of Passkeys adoption for users, enterprise organizations and application developers.

Introductory and how to articles helping users adopt Passkeys as part of their online experiences.

Guides for enterprise identity teams explaining how to integrate Passkeys into their application estate.

Tutorials for software developers on how to adapt their applications to use Passkeys for authentication.

Solutions Guide

Best Practices and Vendor Solutions Showcase

Best Practices

An introductory guide to Passkeys, the key components and a blueprint roadmap for adopting them into your organization.

Vendor and Expert Showcase

A directory showcase of vendors and consultants specializing in some or all of these best practices.

Connect and Learn

Expert Community Library

For teams seeking detailed technical resources our community library offers a knowledge base with a complete e-learning program.

Blueprints for Developing Passkeys-Enabled Apps

Architecture and Best Practices for Building Next Generation
Passkeys-Enabled Applications and Enterprise Workflows.

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