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Hypr – Passkeys for the Enterprise

HYPR Enterprise Passkeys seamlessly integrates proven FIDO2 phishing-resistant passwordless authentication with your IAM environments.

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HYPR fixes the way the world logs in by breaking the trade-off between strong security and consumer-grade user experiences, and their approach replaces password-based MFA with Passwordless MFA.

Their HYPR Cloud Platform improves your security posture and enables business growth with multi-factor authentication (MFA) that’s truly passwordless.

Passkeys Deployment

HYPR unites the strongest passkey-based authentication, continuous risk monitoring and enhanced identity verification into a comprehensive Identity Assurance solution. Detect, prevent, and eliminate identity-related risks at every point in the identity lifecycle, from onboarding to goodbye.

In this guide they explain how organizations can replace passwords and legacy MFA with a secure passkey ecosystem:

  • Secure your users anywhere, from the desktop to the cloud.
  • Stop credential phishing, ATO, MitM, MFA bombing and other credential attacks and breaches.
  • Enforce step-up authentication policies when risk profiles change.
  • Unlike other solutions, HYPR never falls back to more insecure methods such as OTPs or push notification.

Hypr offers integrations and an easy to use SDK to accelerate Passkey adoption, to rapidly build passkey support into apps with HYPR FIDO2 API and servers, and integrate with your current systems, IdPs and applications to unify authentication across the business.

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